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Florida Family Dental  Care provides individual care for all members of your family. Our comprehensive services include:


  • Preventive - head, neck and oral exams, oral cancer screenings, x-rays, cleanings, oral home care and dietary instructions, sealants, fluoride treatments for adults and children, mouthguards  for sports and for those who grind their teeth, and treatment of snoring 

Office Policies


We believe that you should be able to talk to your dentist in person, to find out if it is the practice that your family would feel comfortable with. Ideally, this conversation should also include an examination to determine what treatment, if any, should be done to maintain your dental health. 

*We accept most types of dental insurance.*


  • Restorative - cavity removal and placement of composite (tooth colored) or amalgam (silver) restorations, repair of fractured teeth and restorations, placement of all ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays (no metal)


  • Endodontic - treatment of diseased and infected nerves in the teeth, pain elimination, and nerve protection



  • Periodontal - treatment of diseased and infected gingiva (gums ) and structures that surround  the teeth, removal of plaque and calculus, pocket elimination, and crown lengthening


  • Cosmetic - composite (bonding) and porcelain veneers to close spaces, restore fractured and worn teeth, and reshape and correct rotated teeth. Contouring to adjust height and shape discrepancy, and bleaching


  • Prosthetic - implants, full dentures, metal free partial dentures, and all ceramic bridges

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